10632583_10205354296716124_6659634507455330701_nRachella Parks-Washington is a Fort Worth-based saxophonist who performed and recorded with Ronald Shannon Jackson.  Rachella is a graduate of the University of North Texas. She has shared the stage with the likes of James Carter, Rachelle Farrell, Charnett Moffet, Hank Crawford, Jimmy McGriff, Billy Preston and Kim Jordan. Rachella has toured with the Drifters and Ronald Shannon Jackson. She has played in Jazz Festivals in London, Warsaw, Paris and around the U.S.

Rachella is an educator, a student, and an inspiration and mentor to up and coming musicians. Rachella has explored her sound from Avant-garde to Straight ahead. After years of searching, her sound is a mixture of Gospel, Jazz, and Pop. The sweet soulful sound of her tenor sax fills the room with a warmth that can only end with a smile. Her big and bold sound also found it’s way as a finalist on BET’s Jazz Discovery show, a jazz program that searches for new jazz artists.

Her new work, Meditative Inspirational Suite, was inspired by her experience as a sufferer of sarcoidosis — a complex, multi-systemic (and currently incurable) disease. The new CD is scheduled to be released April 25, 2015, with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the non-profit Sarcoidosis Foundation of Texas(SFOT). It’s a work of extraordinary emotive power and devotional grace.

Sarcoidosis (pronounced SAR-COY-DOE-SIS) is a potentially fatal inflammatory disease that can appear in almost any organ in the body. Although the lungs are affected in more than 90% of patients, the disease often attacks the heart, eyes, central nervous system, liver and kidneys. Once thought rare, sarcoidosis is now known to be common and affects people worldwide. The cause remains unknown and THERE IS NO CURE.
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The Sarcoidosis Foundation of Texas was founded in 2006 and is a 501 (c) non-profit organization. The Foundations serves all of North Texas as a support and educational organization for those affected by the disease. Our focus is to promote community awareness and research and to provide support for patients and their families.  In addition we also provide counselors, literature, and support groups.
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