“As I interpret the music God placed in my spirit,
I’m sharing my journey, my fight, my hope, my victory and my testimony.”


1st Peter 5:7 (Single)

Title : 1st Peter 5:7 (Radio Edit)
Release Date : April 25, 2015
Label :
Catalog ref. : MIS-P57-2015
Format : Digital Download
1st Peter 5:7 (radio edit) is a shorter instrumental / vocal version taken from Rachella’s upcoming C.D., Meditative Inspirational Suite (M.I.S.).  It is a musical, heartfelt and sincere conversation between Rachella on the Yamaha WX5 wind midi instrument and Drea Randle singing.  Listen to hear how it unfolds and resolves.
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Genre: Spiritual/Instrumental Gospel
Release Date: 2015
Download: $1.29